Wedding Consultant in Asheville

Christina McLamb

Favorite Food: If you’re not supposed to eat it, I probably love it. Like pasta, bread, bacon, and sweet tea.

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite Place: Bryson City, NC

Fun Facts: I am a HUGE NASCAR and Dale Jr fan. Also I am obsessed with Sharpies, I must have them all!

Favorite Lipstick Color: No Regrets

Working with Best Bride Prom & Tux home of Merle Norman of Asheville for over a decade has been great. The best bridal moment is when Customers come back for bridal after I’ve helped them with prom or pageant. Watching them grow from young ladies into women is special. Knowing that they trust me with some for the most important moments of their life fills my heart.  My degree is in American History, and it’s a joy making history with our Brides!

Charlotte Ledford

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite Place: Curled up on the couch with my kids

Fun Facts: I have a pet chameleon named chameleonardo DiCaprio. She’s amazing!

Favorite Merle Lip Color: Depending on the day, I rotate between good nudes like Tigress and strong colors like Power play. You’re sure to see me in all the fun colors at some point though! 

Being a Bridal Consultant at Best Bride Prom & Tux helping so many  Brides find their dream gown is simply the best.  What an honor to be part of that special moment when dreams come true.  Creating a special connection with each of my brides and helping them find their unforgettable look is so much fun.  It’s like a big family and working with bridesmaids, flower-girls, Mothers and tuxedos, is icing on the cake.

Allyson Rhew

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Movie: Lilo and Stitch

Favorite Place: Clearwater Beach

Fun Facts: I’m a huge fan of giraffes!

Favorite Merle Lip Color: Mocha Honey

Hi! I’m Allyson! Working at Best Bride Prom and Tux for two years and loving the people I work with is wonderful.  No one could ask for a better team. The best part of the job is making each bride feel her absolute best in her dream dress!

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