Did you See Yourself at Prom? Here’s how to avoid it!

Register your Prom Dress

Remember that Best Bride Prom & Tux  registers each prom dress sold to help make sure your look is special on prom night. When dresses are bought on-line it increases the risk of having the exact same dress!

Watch out for Web Scams and Identity Theft!

Each year more and more scams are being reported by high school students who have been cheated by online scams. With so many fake and illegal prom-dress website popping up each year and credit card information being used for identity theft and fraud you need to be careful. Protect yourself, protect your credit card and protect your identity. Only shop with a store you know that has an actual location that you can visit. If you need to shop online, shop with a Top 10 Prom store to get the very best service and the right dress.

Beware of Rejects and Counterfeits

Reputable on-line retailers will always offer you a reasonable time to carefully inspect and return any item you are not happy with at no cost to you. The web blogs are filling up each year with dress scams trying to make a fast buck taking advantage of young people shopping for that perfect prom dress. If you have to buy online, only do so from a Top 10 Prom store.

Ask about in-Store Deals

Prom Package

Best Bride Prom & Tux stores give special savings to Customers who buy a Prom Package – when you buy your dress, shoes, and jewelry all in one place, you can save a bundle.

Price Matching

When you buy at your local retailer you not only help your community, you also have someone there to make sure everything goes right for a perfect prom night. Most prices are set by the Designer. If price is an issue, print out and show any price you find to the local store, most will be glad to match an authorized retailer’s price. Be sure your print out shows the website offering the price.

Complete Your Look

Makeup Done Right

You’ll be in lots of photos on prom night, so make sure your makeup is a little heavier than usual so you stand out, especially your eyes and lips.


The trained staff at Best Bride Prom & Tux store can help you match your jewelry to your dress and pick the best shoes that will look fabulous and keep you dancing!

Be Safe!

Have a Wonderful Prom!

The most important part of prom is having a great time, right? So remember to be safe on prom night. Make sure you and your friends have a plan for getting home at the end of the party.

Prom Tips for Prom 2019
Prom Dress Buying tips:

• Remember that buying in a store helps your local community! Local stores love seeing repeat customers for prom season, and they work hard to take care of everything you need!

• Prom dresses are made differently than that cool pair of designer jeans.  The beads and fabric can be VERY delicate.  Be careful when trying on your favorite dresses.  That perfect ring from your boyfriend or the trendy necklace your best friend gave you can snag the fabric and ruin that perfect dress.

• Everyone wants that perfect glow before summer gets here.  But please wait to go tanning until after you try on dresses.  Lotions and spray tan can stain dresses very easily!  Plus if you find your dress first, you’ll know just how tan you should get before the big day!

• Wouldn’t it be great if everything fit our bodies perfect?! I wish!!  Remember that dresses fit your whole body, not just your top or bottom; this means that perfect fits are rare.  It is normal to need a dress hemmed or have straps tightened depending on your body shape.  Ask your sales consultant if they have in store alterations or if they recommend anyone to make sure your dream dress fits perfect for that night.

• ok so you and your friends are out of school and totally bored….where better to go than your local prom dress store right?  Not really.  We love seeing you guys, but playing in delicate formal dresses isn’t a smart idea.  Please come in and look around, browse shoes and jewelry.  But if you are just killing time until the latest Adam Sandler movie starts, please wait to try on until you’re ready to truly find your perfect dress.

• On Saturdays and school holidays please be prepared to wait for dressing rooms and at the register.  We try to take care of everyone in a timely fashion, but would hate to make anyone feel rushed.  Make sure you’ve got a cool app downloaded on your newest iPhone and pack your patience for a busy day.  We want to make your day is special, and sometimes that takes a little extra time.

• It can be a complete bummer to have a budget to stick to, but don’t be afraid to mention cost restrictions to your sales consultant.  They can help you maximize your budget and still be the belle of the ball.  Your friends won’t know the difference!

• No one ever wants to try on something that is a size bigger than what you thought you were.  Unfortunately, this is the case for most formal gowns.  Dresses are sized small.  This means that if your jeans are a size 4, you may need to try on sizes 6• 8.  Don’t let it get you down…it’s just the way they are made.  Just ask your sales consultant, they can help you narrow down your formal dress size in a jiffy.

• Shopping has been made so easy over the last decade with virtually limitless return policies for most stores.  This isn’t the case for most formalwear stores.  Due to the cost and delicate nature of dresses most stores have a strict return policy.  Please make sure you understand your stores policy before completing your purchase.  It helps keep everyone happy, happy, happy.

• Ok you’ve been to the local store, maybe even travelled out of town, but your perfect dress is online.  First, BE CAREFUL!  There are websites out there that are fakes! Nobody likes fakes!  Make sure the website you are on is legit.  You can find this out by going to the designer’s official website to locate authorized websites to sell their products.  Also beware of those Chinese websites that look like they are selling the same dress for A LOT less.  It’s not the same dress you saw in store or on that other website.  It could be made of different, cheap• looking material.  The beads and detail work may not be a nice or of a good quality.  You know that saying…”if it’s too good to be true…it’s a scam”.
So the website you’re buying from is cool, it’s legit.  GREAT!  Make sure you get the right size!  Many websites have measuring charts that can help you figure out your size based on 3 key measurements;   Your Bust, Waist, and Hip measurement.  Here’s how to correctly measure yourself:
1.    Make sure you have a regular measuring tape, not the one your dad uses to build things.
2.    Stand in the mirror to make sure you can see all around yourself or have a friend help you.
3.    It is best to take measurements with thin clothing on.  Make sure you don’t have a bulky sweater or that Victoria Secret extra padded push up bra on.
4.    For your bust measurement bring the measuring tape around your upper back and across your breast. Make sure the tape is not tilted and that it goes straight around your upper body.
5.    For your waist measurement you bring the measuring tape around your middle at your belly button. NOT WHERE YOU WEAR YOUR PANTS!
6.    Lastly, for your hip measurement you will actually be measuring your butt.  You need to make sure you have nothing in your pockets.  Bring the measuring tape across your backside.
7.    After you measure yourself refer to the available charts to determine size.  Use your largest number to decide.  If you chose a size to fit your smallest number the dress won’t fit that larger area.  You may need to still make alterations.  Keep that in mind.


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